We currently provide our patients with custom Naked Prosthetics devices to assist finger and partial-hand amputees by positively impacting their lives with functional, high-quality finger prosthetics to get people back to work and doing the things they love.

The Future is Bright for Amputees

a prosthetic hand and arm holding hands with another personPortsmouth Orthopedics is bringing the latest technology to Portsmouth in partnership with Ottobock. In the next few months, we will introduce the new Dynion mechanical knee which is a waterproof hydraulic knee joint that helps active users keep their balance in everyday situations-with low cognitive efforts: stable, standing, reliable walking on uneven terrain, slopes and stairs. The latest C-Leg technology. We will also provide the latest Hero multi-grip prosthetic arm functionality and empowered aesthetics. Additionally future chip technology, cosmetic skin covers and myoelectric devices continue to develop and will be offered as well.